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when night falls

Book One of the three gifts

When Night Falls is an epic fantasy adventure that feels like Black Panther meets The Wheel Of Time. 
New York Times Bestselling Author, Andrew Hartley calls it "Vast and thoroughly realized. Rich and sweeping: a true epic!"
Book Description:
We rarely consider the reputation of our age. An ordinary one, for most of us, would suffice. You might be an Empress too concerned with the affairs of State, a soldier focused on your duty, a former rascal trying to find redemption, or even a great warrior too busy with your command to know that there are whispers being spoken in late-night taverns. But what happens when your ordinary age stops being so ordinary? What happens when dark, twisted things step out of the mists of legend to walk the world again? Strange, black ships have been spotted far out at sea. People are disappearing from towns without a trace. Cordovan, a member of the Watchmen of Alexandria, knows something is wrong, as he races toward the capital, hoping he will make it in time. Far to the north, two members of the ancient order of the Ki'gadi, fear the darkness may already be here. While the rest of the world carries on, unaware of the danger, they search for the place where the darkness is taking root. Heroes will be needed to face what is coming. Thankfully, Alexandria is home to one. His name is Bantu, the Commander-General of the Peoples Company. And he will be needed, when night falls.





A Plague

of Shadows

book two of the three gifts

A Plague Of Shadows is an epic fantasy adventure that feels like Black Panther meets The Wheel of Time.

Book Description: A Lion That Walks has emerged in Kal'ada'abassa for the first time in an age. While some rejoice, others find his arrival disturbing. Far out on the Macca Deep, Basil chases down black ships as chaos erupts on the high seas. Onya Onoto, makes her way to the ancient city of Saladon, wondering what a once in a lifetime meeting of the Compact will bring. The Watchman, Cordovan, looks for a way into the Hallowed Place of Horrors in the hopes that Mino din' Darksbane still lives, even as their apprentices race headlong toward Palladawn carrying the most important message in the last three thousand years. From Al'akaz to Mees, a rising darkness reaches out from the shadows, spreading the tendrils of its influence like a pestilence across the Twelve Nations. Though these soldiers of the Light are spread across the known world, they are all faced with the same onslaught of a plague they cannot escape - a plague of shadows.







Combining poems from thirty years of writing with new work, Coleman has created an indelible collection that's hard to put down. He mixes love, philosophy, the political, and social commentary with personal history, winding it all around the lives of black folks producing a heady mix of rage and insight while holding a mirror up to the broader culture. This is a collection of poems you will want to read over and over again. 

This special hardcover edition of Nappy Metaphysic includes new poems not included in the original paperback version. In response to the extrajudicial killing of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Coleman has written new work in an attempt to express his rage, sadness, and hope in the face of the continuing struggle to get the nation to understand that Black Lives Matter.