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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

You might be wondering why Kathleen Munroe is one of my favorite people. Kathleen is an actor and musician. Is she the first actor or musician I've met? No, she is not. I got the chance to talk with MC Lyte in New York at the New Music Seminar. I had the biggest crush in the world on Lyte and was stunned when I ran into her in the hall outside the DJ/MC battle the Seminar hosted. She was incredibly nice - and tiny lol. I had coffee and a two hour conversation with Bebe Winans - yes that Bebe, of Bebe and Cece Winans. He was christmas shopping at the mall right up from where I was having coffee at a coffee shop when I lived in Nashville TN. When he came in I let the baristas know who he was. I guess they gave him his coffee gratis and gushed a bit, and also snitched that I was the one who told them about him lol, because he came down and sat with me. He had just received his commemorative book (it looked like one of those large, beautiful coffee table books full of photos) from Oprah, chronicling the weekend they spent at her home and the celebration of black women pioneers. Go to youtube and look it up sometime. Bebe led the gospel brunch where some of the greats of gospel took turns on the mic singing. We talked and laughed, looked through the book, and talked about his upcoming albums (of course I asked him when he and Cece were getting back together for another album, and he said soon. Turns out it would be their album 'Still' he was referring to). He gave his contact info and went back to shopping. A very cool experience. So, yes, I met and talked with a number of famous people.

So, why am I so genuinely enamored of Kathleen Munroe? I met Kathleen here in Atlanta at a local coffee shop (yeah, coffee again) while she was in town filming her tv show Resurrection (She played Rachael Braidwood). I was standing in line when she walked past, and I thought to myself, I know her. So, once I was seated I went over to say hi and see where I knew her from. I thought I knew her from a poetry reading or a some gathering in my hometown. That happens sometimes when you do a lot of events. You remember faces but not always names or places. She was INCREDIBLY kind and patient as we tried to figure out where we knew one another from. L.A.? Nashville? Lexington? And then I asked her what she did for a living - maybe I knew her that way? So, yeah, she said she was an actor. I was utterly embarrassed. I thought I knew her personally. But, it turns out, I knew her from seeing her in everything from Alphas on the Scifi channel to SGU Stargate Universe. And then it dawned on me how cliched my interaction with her must have been. I just covered my face with my hand and began apologizing for what must have been another boring interaction for her. But, Kathleen reached up and pulled my hand down and immediately let me know there was nothing to apologize for. And I could tell that she meant it. She was so cool it just made her even more endearing. (Like MC Lyte, she's tiny lol). We talked a moment more as I found out that she was in Atlanta shooting and we parted. I went back to my coffee and writing and she did the same. I had a copy of my novel so I signed it and gave it to her. A day or so later she tweeted me that she enjoyed meeting me and a thank you for the book. Right? Class. Act. Since then I've tried to support her in whatever she was doing. She deserves whatever shine I aim her way. Kathleen has some new music, take a minute and check it out. And whenever you see her in my feed or on my blog, you know why. How can you not love cool people, whatever they do for a living.

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